Name: Broly in English Dub, Broli in Subs

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Male

Classification: The Legendary Super Saiyan or known as a Saiyan

Age: 36 (Born around the same time as Goku though Goku went in the time chamber)

Destructive Capacity: Casual Multi-galaxy + to universe + (Was said to destroy a quadrant, though narrator said a SSJ done it, which he achieved in his flash backs making him destroy the quadrant in less time, what makes him universe is that King kai was shitting himself on how fast he was doing it, and fearing that at the rate he is going, he can destroy his northern galaxy also meaning he also can do it in a few hours) Possibly small-universe in LSSJ ( Said to destroy the universe 3 times, though what seperates him from other character being stated to destroy the universe is that his time he has to do it, saiyans live the same life time as humans, meaning he has 50 years or so to destroy the universe, also as stronger or a little behind Hatchiyack who moved a Galaxy)

Range: Multi-galaxy to universal

Speed: MFTL+ (was fast enough that King kai said he can destroy his northern galaxy also, which is on the other sector of the universe where Broly was destroying the south galaxy, also destroying a galaxy would make him MFTL automatically, never used a spaceship, since King Kai can track them as shown before yet could no track Broly)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Massively above Class XPJ in RSSJ to under small-universe Class in LSSJ

Durability: Casual Multi-Star system + to galaxy+ in RSSJ, multi-galaxy+ in LSSJ

Stamina: Unknown, never shown to get tired from fighting.

Standard Equipment: A mind control device on his head and the rest of his body

Intelligence: Unknown, was controlled for many years on his life, also a nut case as a child

Weaknesses: Dangerously overconfident

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, flight, durability, telekinesis, ki techniques, shield generation, various ki attacks, ki senses, multiple transformation