Name: Son Goku 
Goku gt by jeanpaul007-d3hs586

Origin: Dragon Ball GT(after an extra hundreds years training)

Gender: Male


Powers and Abilities: Super Strength, Super Speed, Super durability, agility, stamina, Ki attacks and manipulation, can sense ki, knows of Goku and Vegeta's attacks, Flight, teleportation, telepathy (enhanced by physical contact), telekinesis, energy sensing, energy manipulation, transformations, and dimensional travel. Anything powers that the dragon balls can do.

Weaknesses: Unknown in EOGT thanks to possessing the dragon balls

Destructive Capacity: At least Multi-Galaxy + without scaling (after 100 years training, should be massively above SSJ4 Gogeta) at least Universal + with scaling ( Leagues beyond leagues above SSJ Gogeta who crushed Janemba)|Multiverse Level+(Since He is More powerful than Gogeta SSJ4 in Base which is above a afterlife Buster Omega Shenron and Gogeta is 10 times omega shenron)

Range: Galactic to Universal to Multiverse

Speed: MFTL+ to Instant (when absorb the dragon balls, moved between the afterlife and such from the mortal universe without instant transmission in Base form without 100 years training) Infinity Speed

Durability: Multi-Galaxy without scaling, Universal + with scaling|Multiversal

Lifting Strength:unknown

Striking Strength: Galactic Class to Universal class to Multiverse Class

Stamina: Insanely high, possibly unlimited thanks to the dragon balls

Intelligence: Combat Smart

Note: He can defeat GogetaSSJ4 and here is the prove from dbz wikia