Name: Freeza/Frieza

Origin: Dragon Ball

Classification: Alien Tyrant

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Power and Abilities: Super strength, Super Speed, agility, durability, flight, energy blasts, various ki techniques, telekinesis (can kill people by just staring at them), can survive in space, Regeneration, can survive losing limbs or even his entire lower body, various transformations, ect...

Weaknesses: Incredibly overconfident; likes to show off instead of finishing off an opponent.

Destructive Capacity: Large Planet Level+ (it is implied he never transformed to destroy Planet Vegeta) | At least Large Planet Level+ (massively above First form) Multi-planet + (took the spirit bomb which had the energy of multiple planets in 50% form) at least solar system + to Multi-solar system in Golden Form and final form in New ROF

Range: Large planet

Speed: FTL+ overall ( Goku dodged the planet splitter) base to SSJ is 50x, MFTL+ in Golden Form

Durability: 'Large Planet Level+ | At least Large Planet Level+, Multi-planet + in final form. at least solar system + to Multi-solar system in Golden Form and final form in New ROF'

Striking Strength: Class XJ+ at least in first form | Class XKJ+ and higher in other forms, XJG+ at least in Golden form

Stamina: Can fight for a long time and take heavy wounds such as being bisected and still survive

Standard Equipment: His scouter and hover chair

Intelligence: Fairly intelligent, ruler of a large empire

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

- Death Beam: Frieza extends his right arm and fires a small, bullet-like beam of ki from his index finger, which barrels down and pierces an opponent.

- Death Ball: Small ball of Ki used in a technique to destroy a planet.

- Fissure Slash: Capable of casually slashing thousands of meters of area with his finger (at 50% power).

- Telekinesis: Capable of moving rocks to throw at a target at high speed, or paralyzing weaker targets with Ki techniques and making them explode.

- Tsuibi Kienzan: Uses his Ki to generate up to two remotely tracking and homing energy discs; are much more effective when he uses his hands to increase their speed and cutting ability

- Punishing Blaster: Frieza gathers energy in his right hand, raises his hand, thrusts his hand forward and fires a massive blast causing massive damage. This attack is strong enough to destroy a large island and was used to kill Nail.

Nova strike- Frieza shields his body in energy and rushes the opponent.