Name: Janempa (Fat Janemba), Super Janemba

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Genderless, appears to be male

Classification: Anaglam of Evil Spirits, Demon

Age: Created from evil so ageless

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, flight, various ki attacks, teleportation, ki senses, Reality Manipulation, regeneration, heightened awareness, evil energy manipulation, superbreath capable of erasing a city with a blow, shapeshifting, physical mass manipulation, portal opening, cloning, bunkai teleport, copy attack, possession, can stretch his limbs, telekinesis, transformation.

Weaknesses: He is physically hurt by insults.

Destructive Capacity:  Universal + ( his fat form sealed the check in station which stopped the laws of the afterlife to work thus making the dead walk on earth again and no barriers between dimensions, also warped the afterlife in jelly beans which reached all the way to where the Goku and Pikkon where fighting, his Super form stomped SSj3 Goku who shaked the entire afterlife as a side effect from powering up to SSJ3, also created his own alternate space)

Range: Universal

Speed: MFTL+

Durability: Universal +

Stamina: Very high, but can lose energy if he takes enough damage.

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Galactic to Universal

Standard Equipment: none

Intelligence:  Fat form is child like, Super form is unknown, though ruthless

Key: Fat Janemba | Super Janemba