Majin buu team by hovsec-d4kieu2

Name: Majin Buu

Origin: Dragon Ball

Gender: Male

Classification: Bubble gum monster

Age: since the dawn of time

Powers: Super strength, speed, durability, flight, various ki attacks, teleportation, ki senses, can rip holes in dimensions by screaming, transmutation, multiple transformations, regeneration (mid-high), can absorb enemies, can imitate techniques after viewing them (but not perfectly), immortality (types 1 and 3), severed body parts can operate independently, can heal others, superbreath capable of erasing a city with a blow, shapeshifting (can mimic the faces of others and can change the form of his body like plasticine, or even vapour), has enough precision to kill almost every human on earth with individual blasts without damaging the planet's surface.

Destructive Capacity: Solar system + for Good Buu and Grey Buu ( above SPC who is a solar system buster) Casual Solar system + for Kid Buu and Fat Buu (rivals SSJ3 who can easily beat guys like SSj2 Vegeta in a few hits) possibly Multi-Solar system, Casual Multi-system + for Super Buu (massive above SSj3 Goku, where even Gotenks Base post is even above and Super Buu rivals SSj3 Gotenks) At least Casual Multi-Solar system + for Gotenks-Buu and Gohan-Buu (above massively above Super Buu)

Range: Solar system - Multi-solar system

Speed: MFTL

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Massively above Class XPJ

Durability: Solar system + at minimum (thanks to his regen) Casual Multi-Solar system + in higher forms

Stamina: Unlimited unless fighting

Standard Equipment:

Intelligence: low for Fat Buu and Kid Buu, decent for Super Buu able to figure out plans, high for Gotenks Buu and Gohan-Buu thanks to Piccolo and Gohan.

Weaknesses: Toys a lot

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