Silver surfer by uncannyknack-d6ppjqm

Name: Silver Surfer/Norrin Radd

Origin: Marvel Comics, Fantastic Four #48

Gender: Male

Classification: Alien endowed with the Power Cosmic

Age: Hundreds of years old at the least

Powers and Abilities: Super speed, super strength, super durability, flight, cosmic energy manipulation, energy projection, energy absorption, regeneration (High-Mid), immortality (Type 1), matter manipulation, telepathy, telekinesis, gravity manipulation, cosmic senses, can heal others and alter/mutate living beings, can shrink his body or other objects to microscopic sizes, can absorb other beings into his board, can create forcefields, illusion creation, shapeshifting, intangibility, teleportation, can time travel with his speed, can create black holes. Immune to heat and Cold

Weaknesses: Rarely fights to kill, often does not use his abilities to their fullest extent

Destructive Capacity: Planet level - Large planet at least ( has shown to destroy planets easily) Multi-planet possibly star level

Range: Large planet

Speed: MFTL with hyperspace, MHS-LS+ in combat

Durability: Multi-planet to Star level

Lifting Strength: Class 100+

Striking Strength: at least Class XJ+

Stamina: Infinite

Standard Equipment: His board

Intelligence: Quite High (Expert fighter and tactician)