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Name: Thor Odinson

Origin: Marvel Comics, Journey into Mystery #83

Gender: Male

Classification: Asgardian/God of Thunder

Age: Thousands of years at the least

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed, durability, endurance, stamina, energy projection, low regeneration, weather manipulation, earth manipulation, longevity, can increase his strength tenfold by entering "warrior's madness" (however this takes away his ability to think rationally until it subsides); Mjolnir can absorb and redirect energy, generate forcefields and portals (large portals take time however), negate mystic energies, transmute matter, and its energy discharges can even harm certain intangible beings. Thor can call Mjolnir to him by thought.

Attack Potency: At least Planet Level with physical blows (Thor's Mjolnir strikes are capable of shattering planets., Held together a collapsing moon.) Possibly Star Level+ with his most powerful force-blasts (He blasted Glory over a thousand kilometers back). Potentially Galaxy Level+ | Multi-galaxy + to Universe Level (More powerful than Odin and defeated The Ones who Sit Above in Shadow whom Odin couldn't defeat)

Range: Multiple planetary diameters at least

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ in combat/reactions, his hammer moves at 2 times the speed of light. FTL+ in travel

Durability: At least planet level (Is at least equal to Beta Ray Bill.) | potentially Galaxy Level+ | Universe Level

Lifting Strength: Class Y+ (capable of lift 100 tons when he was a child, lifted the Midgard Serpernt who is heavy as a planet, lifted the entirety of Asgard along with Beta Ray Bill)

Striking Strength: Class XKJ+ (On par with guys such Silver Surfer, and Beta Ray Bill. Dented the Surfer's head. Made Galactus lose his balance with a strike.) | At least Class XTJ+ | Galactic Class+

Stamina: Godlike (fought an army of Frost Giants for 9 months on end without tiring)

Standard Equipment: Mjolnir, his mystical hammer which gives him his powers. Megingjord, a belt thst doubles his strength, but leaves him weakened after using it.

Weaknesses: Can be KO'd, reluctance to fighting to the fullest in the Mortal Realm, Has not fully mastered the Odinforce.